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1 * Death notice: White - On Tuesday, March 16, at the residence of her uncle, Mr. George H. White, Gould's Country Junction, Florence E. J., infant daughter of Mr. John White, aged 3 years and 2 months. 3052 (Hobart Mercury, 25th March 1880, page 1)
* Belinda Gooding and her husband ran the hotel at the Blue Tier for many years so I expect that Susannah was visiting them there when Florence died." (This note from Carol Brill, email 11th Aug 2018)
* Blue Tier is 13 kms north-west of Gould's Country in the north-east corner of Tasmania - a long way from Hobart. 
GOODING (WHITE), Florence Elizabeth Jane (I17)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. E.M.R.W. (I142)
3 * First names: No name is stated when his birth was registered a month after his birth. It is understood that he was later baptized and given a name.
* Surname: On his birth registration, there is no father noted and so John gets his surname from his mother, whose was recorded as Godding - but this might have been a misspelling of 'Gooding'. We need to get hold of a copy of the baptism records to see what surname he was given.
GODDING (GOODING), John Andrew (I20)
4 * Registration: 22912/1939
* SMH, Wed 6 Dec 1939, p.14 - BEACH - December 5 1939 at his daughter's residence 75 King Street Mascot Edward Frank be loved husband of Florence and loving father of Olive (Mrs A Renwick) and Molly (Mrs L H Lea) and loving grandfather of Gwen, Ken and Lorna. Aged 72 years For funeral notice see Thursday's paper.

BEACH, Edward Frank (I135)
5 * Registration: 276/206
* S.A. Register, Tues 24 Jan 1882, p.4: BEACH - On the 20th January, at Ward-street, the wife of F. J. Beach, of a son.

BEACH, Frederick William (I577)
6 * Registration: 63/1910
* Register, Mon 17 Jan 1910, p.4.: BEACH - On the 15th January, at Sydney, Frederick William, son of Frederick James and Sarah Ann Beach, aged 28 years. 
BEACH, Frederick William (I577)
7 * Registration: 801/57
* Adelaide Register, Mon 13 Apr 1908, p4 - BEACH - On the 10th April, at Audley House, Prospect, the wife of S. E. Beach, of a son.
BEACH, Sydney Way (I583)
8 124/339 BEACH, Jeanie Way (I573)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F190
10 185/908 Family F197
11 18642/1958 BEACH, Allan Way (I576)
12 1941/17815 BEACH, Frederick James (I132)
13 240/497 BEACH, Allan Way (I576)
14 300/364 BEACH, Elizabeth Kathleen (I578)
15 351/3386 Family F194
16 4468/1895 Family F39
17 557/1109 BEACH, Sydney Edwin (I570)
18 56A/7054 BEACH, Sydney Way (I583)
19 690/3356 LONG, Sarah Ann (I136)
20 798/3361 BEACH, Herbert Way (I134)
21 839/108 BEACH, Rodney Napier (I584)
22 884/478 BEACH, Elizabeth Mary (I585)
23 9193 Family F191
24 Adelaide Register, Thursday 2nd May 1867, page 2c - Beach - On the 1st May, at no. 8 Hindley Street of F.D. Beach, of a son.  BEACH, Edward Frank (I135)
25 Adelaide Register, Tuesday 1 March 1870 p4e - BEACH - On the 26th February, at No. 8, Hindley-street, the wife of Mr. F. D. Beach, of a daughter.
BEACH, Florence Amelia (I571)
26 Alexander was named as the father on Donald's birth record. GOLLAN, Alexander (I616)
27 As there was no father stated on the record of Lydia's birth, she was probably given her mother's surname which was Gooding. Her mother, Susannah, was subsequently known as White and so Lydia seemed to have also become known as White.
This note by Don Gordon on 26th July 2018. 
GOODING (WHITE), Lydia Maria (I21)
28 Baptized Sussanna  LEE, Susan (I120)
29 Buried in Strathalbyn - with Catherine in the large plot of the Hugh Matheson family. GOLLAN, Donald (I604)
30 Buried in Strathalbyn - with Donald in the large plot of the Hugh Matheson family. MATHESON, Catherine (I605)
31 Catherine was named as the mother on Donald's birth record. FRASER, Catherine (I617)
32 Check whether he was born in Portsmouth or Portsea. WAY, Sir Samuel James (I1)
33 Check whether her death was 22nd Oct 1938 (per Colin SEmmler, p 22)rather than 2008. RYMILL, Katharine Lucy (I32)
34 CULLEN-GOODING. - On February 2, at the Union Chapel, Hobart Town, by the Rev J. Wilkes Simmons, Samuel James, youngest son of Mr. Cullen, of Liverpool-street, to Maria Charlotte, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Gooding, both of Tasmania. (Launceston Examiner 10 February 1870) Family F23
35 CULLEN. - On 31st August, Samuel James Cullen, after a painful illness, aged 22 years. The funeral will leave his father's residence, Liverpool-street, on Saturday the 3rd
instant, at half-past 2 o'clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend. Melbourne papers please copy. - The Mercury 1 September 1870 
CULLEN, Samuel James (I268)
36 Died in Alfred Hospital. GOODING (WHITE), Lydia Maria (I21)
37 Florence's mother, Lydia, was born with the surname Gooding but was later known as White. Because there is no father specified on Florence's birth record, she assumed the mother's surname, White.
Florence was born around the time that her mother married Herbert Charles Bundy. It is thought that he was the father because it is unlikely that he would have married Lydia if she was bearing someone else's child, when he was only 17 years old himself.
This note by Don Gordon on 26th July 2018. 
WHITE (BUNDY), Susannah Florence (I242)
38 Grave 1725 (this later became plot D, grave 46), Chatby Military and War Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt BLUE, William Belworthy (I25)
39 He died at Mrs Madden's Private Hospital, a salubrious establishment in Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, opposite Melbourne's Exhibition Gardens.  GOODING (WHITE), Frank Brook (I15)
40 He was 22 years old when he died in 1870. CULLEN, Samuel James (I268)
41 He was 27 years old at the time of his marriage in 1891. GOODING, Andrew Charles (I603)
42 Her date of birth might have been 1879 rather than 1869. WAY, Florence Jane Elizabeth (I171)
43 Her gravestone uses the spelling 'Catharine'. MATHESON, Catherine (I605)
44 His birth might have been 1847 rather than 1846. BLUE, Dr William Archibald Sinclair ('Billy') (I22)
45 His surname might have been Wheeler (his mother's maiden surname). BUNKER, Seth (I383)
46 It is not certain that Kathleen's surname was Gordon. Also, was her middle name Margaret? GORDON, Kathleen Marxxx (I318)
47 It is not certain that this James Cockrill is the father of William Cockerell who was born in 1769.  COCKRILL, James (I675)
48 It is not certain that this William Crisp is the father of Ann Elizabeth Crisp. CRISP, William (I674)
49 Killed in a railway accident while at Glamorgan. (Source: Michael Collins Persse, mcp@ggs.vic.edu.au, per email from Phil Robins on 17th May 2018) Unknown BARRACLOUGH (I299)
50 Kitty was probably named after her aunty Catherine Gollan (that spelling) nee Matheson, who probably visited her mother about two years before Kitty was born.  GORDON, Catherine Gillon ('Kitty') (I3)

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