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Dr Edward Roden GOODING (WHITE)

Male 1881 - 1958  (76 years)

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  • Name Edward Roden GOODING (WHITE) 
    • Note how the birth record spells the middle name - Roden - however Rowden is in the family tree and this is the spelling Edward used throughout his life.
    Title Dr 
    Nickname Ted or Teddy WHITE 
    Born 14 Nov 1881  Hobart, Tas Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Male 
    Education * Carlton College on Royal Parade, Melbourne
    * Geelong Grammar (assisted by Samuel) - Senior prefect in 1900. He was described as "a very distinguished boy at GGS (Senior Prefect and much else) and Old Boy (OGG President, in fact)" (Source: Michael Collins Persse, mcp@ggs.vic.edu.au, per email from Phil Robins on 17th May 2018)
    * Melbourne University where he lived in Trinity College and graduated with a MB & BS in 1907 and an MD in 1911.
    Military service * 2nd October 1914 to 12th October 1917
    * Captain AAMC,AIF
    * 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance
    * Served in Gallipoli, Sinai and Palestine
    * February 1917 - promoted to temporary lieutenant colonel and placed in command of the 2nd LHFA
    * Mentioned in dispatches in 1917
    * He continued an involvement with the military in between the wars and then also served in WW2.
    * In 1936 he was promoted to colonel
    * Joined AIF on 1st January 1941
    * Commanding officer of 2nd/10th Australian General Hospital in Malaya
    * The hospital was based in Malacca until January 1942 when the hospital was virtually in the front line just ahead of the advancing Japanese. In the withdrawal to Singapore, Edward remained composed and in control and he was mentioned in dispatches again.
    * He was taken prisoner in February 1942 and was initially held in Formosa and then in Manchuria in November 1944. He endured the ordeal with dignity and strength of character.
    * Repatriated in October 1945
    * Transferred to the Reserve of Officers on 5th February 1946.
    Notes for biography * Entry in Australian Dictionary of Biography
    * Excelled in cricket and tennis
    Notes for biography Death :
    * 31st July 1958 (76 yrs old) in Toorak
    * Cause of death: Angina Pectoris (immediate) and Coronary Occlusion (1 yr and 4 mths ago)
    * On the death certificate (ref : Vic BDM 1958/3198 & EJ 10147) it is recorded as follows :-
    > Place of death : 1 Douglas St, Toorak
    > Age : 73
    > Father : John Rowden White, pastoralist
    > Mother : Elizabeth White, maiden name unknown
    > Burial : 1st August 1958, cremation at Spring Vale Crematorium
    > Birth : Melbourne
    > Spouse : Gladys Mary Northcote
    > Issue : James Northcote ROWDEN (deceased) and Elizabeth Mary ROWDEN (35 yrs)
    > Cause of death : Angina Pectoris (immediate) and Coronary Occlusion (1 yr and 4 mths ago)
    > Informant : N Watson, authorization agent, Toorak R, South Yarra
    > Undertaker : GD Ratten?
    > Minister or witnesses at burial : WA Coghill and L Watson
    * Comments : There are several puzzling entries on this certificate :-
    > Why was father's middle name stated as 'Rowden'? It was thought that the name came from Edward's GG grandmother. If Rowden was the father's name, this would imply that John was with Susannah before the Edward's birth, indeed before Alfred.
    > We can dismiss the idea of John having a such a middle name because there are doubts about the reliability of the witness, N Watson (who might have been the funeral director) because several errors were made :-
    > 1 Douglas St is the residence of his daughter - he might have been living with her (and husband Tim), or just visiting when he died.
    > Edward's mother was stated as Elizabeth whereas it should have been Susannah. Her maiden name should have been known as Gooding.
    > Age was stated as 73 which would have placed his birth at 1885 instead of 1881.
    > Place of birth was stated as Melbourne instead of Hobart.
    > The children's surname was ascribed as ROWDEN, instead of WHITE.
    > These errors must have been communicated to Mr Watson by the family (probably either Alfred or Gladys) and are indicative of the mythology adopted within the family - the acceptance of John and disregard for Susannah. And the prominence of the name 'Rowden' in his 'father's' name and his children's names.

    Notes for biography Paternity and names :
    * Birth record = AOT, NS 590/1/2146 and Australian Birth Index 1882/3191 - Note that the birth record spells the middle name 'Roden', however 'Rowden' is in the family tree as the maiden surname of Samuel's paternal grandmother. Edward used 'w' spelling throughout his life.
    * The obvious reason that Susannah named her child with the rare name of 'Rowden', is that Samuel suggested it to her. And why would Samuel want this child to carry this family name, other than an acknowledgment that he was the father.
    * See Alfred's profile for other notes about the name Rowden.
    * He was called Ted or Teddy
    Notes for biography Relationship with Sir Samuel:-
    * At Samuel's funeral in 1916, there are no public indications that Alfred and Edward were part of the funeral procedings. It was a huge event and many relatives (and of course civic leaders) were noted in newspaper reports. It must have been a strange experience for his two sons to be left on the fringes, unacknowledged, on such an occasion.
    * His own children were not mentioned in his will (signed in 1914). Of the 5 children Samuel had with Susannah Gooding, 3 had already died (Florence, James and Frank) with only Alfred and Edward still living. However Samuel made separate provision for them with a thing called a 'post-obit bond' which was 2,500 pounds (plus interest) to be paid to each of them on Samuel's death. I don't know what a post obit bond is, but it would be handy to get a copy somehow. We are left wondering whether in fact Alfred and Edward knew about this and eventually got the money.
    Occupation Medical practitioner 
    Residence * 85 Spring St, Melbourne - with Alfred (Electoral roll - 1914)
    * 24 Balmerino Avenue, Toorak
    Biography Edward White, known as Teddy, was senior prefect at Geelong Grammar School in 1900. He was an obstetrician when commissioned as a captain in the Australian Army Medical Corps in 1914 and posted to the 3rd Light Horse Field Ambulance, serving at Gallipoli and in Sinai and Palestine. In 1917 he was promoted temporary lieutenant-colonel and placed in command of the 2nd LHFA. He was mentioned in dispatches. He was demobilised in Melbourne in October that year and four days later married Gladys Mary Northcote. He played a leading part in the early development in Australia of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
    Between wars Teddy was active in the Militia and was promoted colonel in 1936. Although approaching his 60th birthday when World War II broke out, he joined the AIF on New Year's Day 1941 and sailed to Malaya soon after as commanding officer of the 2nd/10th Australian General Hospital. He was mentioned in dispatches before Singapore fell to the Japanese army in February 1942. He endured his ordeal as a prisoner of war in Formosa and Manchuria with dignity and strength of character despite his age and news of the death in March 1942 of his only son, James Northcote Rowden White.
    He was repatriated in 1945 and retired that year from the honorary staff of Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital.
    His biographer Stephen James says White was 170 cm tall, "had a trim, athletic figure and was always well groomed. Less reserved than his brother, he had a welcoming smile and a warm, cheerful personality".
    He died on 31 July 1958.

    Biography ER White was handsome and well looking young man, and loved his sport! Gladys, his wife was not very sporty.  [3
    Died 31 Jul 1958  Toorak, Vic Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Person ID I18  Samuel WAY
    Last Modified 13 Oct 2020 

    Father Samuel James WAY,   b. 11 Apr 1836, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 8 Jan 1916, North Adelaide Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years) 
    Mother Susannah Mary GOODING (WHITE),   b. 4 Dec 1842, Campbelltown, Tas Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 16 Sep 1888, Carlton, Vic Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 45 years) 
    Family ID F1  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Gladys Mary NORTHCOTE,   b. 1888, Sydney, NSW Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1955  (Age 67 years) 
    Married 16 Oct 1917 
     1. James Northcote Rowden WHITE,   b. 29 Jul 1921,   d. 6 Mar 1942, Darwin, NT Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 20 years)
    +2. E.M.R.W.
    Last Modified 5 Sep 2016 
    Family ID F40  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Photos
    Trinity College - ER White on left
    Trinity College - ER White on left

    Edward Roden Gooding born 14th Nov 1881 in Hobart
    Edward Roden Gooding born 14th Nov 1881 in Hobart
    * Father: Not stated
    * Mother: Susannah Mary Gooding of Fitzroy Crescent
    * Registered: 27th January 1882
    Edward Rowden White - died 31st July 1958 in Toorak
    Edward Rowden White - died 31st July 1958 in Toorak
    * Person: Edward Rowden White, male, aged 73 years, born in Melbourne [sic], residence 1 Douglas Street Toorak, medical practitioner, widower
    * Date of death: 31st July 1958
    * Place: 1 Douglas Street, Toorak, City of Prahan, County of Bourke
    * Cause: Angina Pectoris - immediate. And Coronary occlusion 1 year 4 months ago
    * Medical attendant: Dr F Silberberg last seen on 23rd July 1968
    * Parents: John Rowden White. pastoralist and Elizabeth [sic] White. maiden name unknown
    * Spouse: Married in Melbourne 35 years ago to Gladys Mary Northcote
    * Children: James Northcote Rowden, deceased and Elizabeth Mary Rowden, 35 years
    * Cremated: 1st Augus 1958 at Springvale Crematorium by GD Ratten??
    * Minister & witness: WA Coghill & L Watson
    * Informant: N Watson, authorized agent, Toorak Road South Yarra
    * Registrant: D Herman on 28th Aug 1958, Melbourne
    * Reference: 10147

    2.21 - Paternity
    2.21 - Paternity
    Why we are confident that Samuel Way was the father of five of Susannah Gooding’s children? - v2

  • Sources 
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    2. [S33] Phil Robins.

    3. [S43] Georgina Barraclough, nee Moran, Email on 27th July 2020.